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Polybius today

In Commodities on June 16, 2013 at 9:50 pm

In previous posts I put data recorded by Polybius (200 BC) about the prices of certain commodities one to the other, I also recorded data from Mitchell during the civil war. Today it seems that we have a repeat of tracking prices, interestingly between Food Commodities and Silver from 2008 until recently. This relationship has broken post the 5 sigma move on Gold. A large gap is forming, would the tracking return at some point one way or the other? (food tracking silver down or the other way around silver gaping up is hard to say) History does suggest so. Evidently when Silver was money, nothing happened. As Thomas Tooke mentioned over a full century, the average price of wheat only increased by 0.5% (not per year, over 100 years).

Silver and Food, Gap forming